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28830 West Eight Mile Road               Farmington Hills Mi. 48336                 248-471-7299
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100 Series Classes & Workshops
Class # 101
Fundamentals of Photography
Workshop # 102
Basic Photography in a Day - DSLR
Workshop # 103   New for 2015
Cell Phone and iPad Photography
Workshop # 104
Point & Shoot Cameras Even Easier
Class # 105
Youth Photo Camp
Class # 106
Summer Camp for HS Yearbook and Newspaper Photographers
Workshop # 107
Advanced Camera Handling and Menu items for Nikon Cameras
Workshop # 108
Advanced Camera Handling and Menu items for Canon Cameras
Workshop # 109
Shoe Mount Flash Revealed
Class # 111
Photography for the Plein Air Painter (Artist)
Class # 120
Intermediate Shooting Techniques
Class # 121
Business of Photography
Class # 123
Digital Landscape Composition
Class # 140
Portfolio Development
Class # 150
Art of Seeing
Class # 180
Color, Form, Place and a Sense of Space

Step into a world of photography where the possibilities are endless. MPWs 100 series courses will give you the foundation you need to effectively pursue photography as a hobby, or at a professional level. This series begins with the fundamental skills of photography and will progress to courses of intermediate and advanced levels. We will explain the mechanics of your camera and provide details pertaining to exposure, shutter speeds, f/stops, the shoe-mount flash and important composition techniques. You will learn the art of seeing and develop a skill set which will enable you to look at your subject matter with a fresh, new perspective. Upon completion of these courses, you will have a greater understanding of the technical aspects of photography-guaranteed to help you take better photos.

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